Microsoft Internet Explorer Use-After-Free Vulnerability

On April 26, 2014 a security vulnerability in Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) came to light that could allow a malicious website to gain remote access to your computer. We strongly recommend that instead of using Internet Explorer you use a different web browser until a patch for this vulnerability has been released by Microsoft and installed on your computer.  Alternate browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari are not affected by this vulnerability. The vulnerability affects current versions of Internet Explorer on all current versions of Windows (XP to 8.1).

NKC Datacenter Internet Outage

On August 6 we experienced a significant Internet outage at the datacenter where our VELOXcloud services are hosted.  Around noon a contractor began boring through 11th Street between McGee and Oak Streets for a new manhole.  The area they were drilling should have been free of utility cables; however, it was not, and the fiber that carries our Internet access along with a number of other data services was cut.  An investigation is underway regarding the accuracy of the cable location markings.

Network Solutions DNS Outage

Network Solutions DNS appears to be down.  We detected the problem at 7:53 AM CDT today (12:53 GMT).  We have been unable to contact them via phone or website to open a technical support ticket.  Many websites, email, and other Internet-based services are affected.  

Summer Internships Available

Innovative Networks—a Kansas City-based Information Technology company is offering Technical Services internships for this summer. The ideal applicant is pursuing an Information Technology major and is well versed in Windows, Linux and/or Mac platforms.

We provide complete and all-inclusive IT solutions for companies throughout the Greater Kansas City area. Interns will usually be assigned a project that can be completed within the internship period. They will also be assisting with the day to day operations of our technical services department.

Google Fiber Announcement in Kansas City

Google FiberToday, July 26, 2012, marked a new, incredible chapter of the Internet. Roughly a year ago, Google decided to start installing fiber optic cables in central Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas City, Kansas, to provide the fastest residential Internet the world has ever seen. Google announced today what they plan to do with the Internet at these insanely high speeds, a product they call Google Fiber.